Changing our Thinking – Part 2

While on the subject of climate change and Donella Meadows’ 12 leverage points, I just found this PowerPoint slide suggesting ways to intervene in the climate change system. It identifies ongoing initiatives specific to each of Donella’s 12 leverage points. Here’s the list:

 12. Constants: Carbon Tax, Carbon Price   6. Information Flow: Democratic governments, science and media, independent internet
 11. Buffers: Carbon sequestration, Carbon offsets   5. System Rules:  Emissions Standards, Pollution Laws, Polluter Pays, Rights of Nature
 10. Structures: Carbon Sinks (10K trees)   4. Power Change:  Direct and radical democracy
  9. Delays:  Energy Global Descent North   3. Goal:  Climate Justice (10K trees)
  8. Negative Feedback: Climate Movement, Environmental Protection Agencies, Nature’s’ Rights Litigation   2. Mindset or Paradigm:  Planetary Permaculture
  7. Positive Feedback:  Carbon Farming, Permaforestry  1. Power to Transcend Paradigms: Great Transition

This slide is part of a 165 slide presentation, Permaculture Cooperation: Climate Change and Peak Debt made by Nicholas Roberts in March 2010.  The presentation  was one of the Permaculture and Cooperatives Talks of Permaculture North Sydney.   (FYI, it looks like the links to the speakers notes for most of the talks are accessible from this site.)

Even though there is no audio to go along with the slides, this looks like a great presentation to check out for an overview of different responses to climate change and peak oil as viewed by a long-term permaculturist. Since the speaker is from Australia, this presentation has more of a world-wide flavor than we typically get here in the States.

Link to previous post: The Greatest Challenge is to Change our Thinking


3 thoughts on “Changing our Thinking – Part 2

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  2. hey. thanks for the follow-up..

    its weird, all that stuff about Peak Debt was kind of over the horizon back then, and now its justifying all sorts of austerity insanity

    should do some more on this. …

    • I think that would be great particularly now. (Note to posterity, last week S&P lowered the US bond rating from AAA to AA+. The US market has been extremely volatile this past week.)
      Since my July post focused on climate change, I hadn’t looked as carefully at your entire PowerPoint which also addressed the issue of Peak Debt. Looking at your Peak Debt list now, it seems to focus on leverage points at the national level. It would be great to look at this again from the standpoints of leverage points to national, regional and personal debts. Chris Martenson’s Crash Course notes that not only are debt levels of a number of nations at historic peak levels but within the US, the individual levels of state debt and levels of personal debt are at an all time high as well. Post a comment to let us know where to find any update that you prepare. Thanks for commenting.

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