PDC Learnings – techniques

The last aspect of the element/pattern/technique triad is  the specific technique used to meet one’s overall goals. Permaculture techniques tend to involve low or appropriate technology solutions which maximize the use of natural, recycled or recyclable materials.  Some of the techniques we looked at were:

photo: Greenminds Ecological Design

  • sheet mulching – a technique to build soil
  • swale construction – a technique to prevent runoff)
  • composting – a technique to decompose and recycle organic matter
  • rainwater catchment – a technique to catch and store water
  • cobb construction – a building technique

Techniques abound and are well discussed on other websites. It’s not my intent to reinvent the wheel; just to complete the picture.  For more information see these resources:

  • This section of Heathcote Community’s Online Permaculture Course provides more suggestions.
  • Also see Appropedia, an appropriate technology wiki and
  • Natural Homes a website providing picture of the home with a short description and links to the owner’s or the builders website for over 400 homes constructed with natural building materials,

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