Design Process Summary

This page is an attempt to quickly summarize the design process as discussed in multiple previous blog posts.

Four key areas of focus are:

1.The process of design using a permaculture approach.

Questions and Answers about the Permaculture Approach

2. The elements of a design. These are both the elements that are present on the site and elements (the animals, plants, insects, buildings, equipment etc.) that you as designer add as part of the design.


3. The patterns, both those inherent in an ecosystem and the physical patterns inherent in nature. In nature, elements interact in specific patterns.


4. The techniques that you as designer use to mimic or duplicate the natural patterns.


permaculture design process

The steps of the permaculture design:

1. Setting the goals for the design

Permaculture Goal Setting

2. Completing the site assessment

Site Assessment

3. The actual process of completing the design. (also see above)

Design process (post forthcoming)

 4. Implementing the design

See projects page forthcoming

 5. Evaluating the design

Evaluating the design


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