Permaculture Goal Setting


Wow, Its been almost a month since I last posted.

I mentioned that a new PDC would be starting in the Atlanta area. I signed up and went to my first session last weekend. Both the information provided and information format exceeded my expectations. I find it really to be part of a group discussion as I move thru the permaculture concepts.

One thing that struck me was our discussion of the process of setting the goals for your permaculture design.

The leaders presented a framework where there was:

  • a natural landscape goal
  • a social landscape goal
  • an economic landscape goal and
  • an internal landscape goal

All of these combined to form the overarching summary goal for the project.

The natural landscape goal reflected the commitment to the earth share permaculture ethic.  The social , economic and internal landscape goals reflected the commitment to the people care permaculture ethic.  Although the resource share ethic was not specifically reflected by a goal, the thinking was that resource share would be reflected through the process of actually completing the permaculture design.

What struck me was how relevant this same process is to other enterprises not typically viewed as a gardens, such as businesses, marriages, community groups or creative projects. The premise of Machelle Small Wright’s book Co-Creative Science is that anything that has order, organization and life vitality is nature. And that a garden is a working partnership between nature and human beings.

“From nature’s perspective , a garden is any environment that is initiated by humans, given its purpose, definition and direction by humans and maintained with the help of humans….

Nature does not consider the cultivation of a plot of land as the criteria for a garden.  nature considers a garden to exist where ever humans define, initiate and interact with form to create a specialized environment….

The laws and principles that nature applies in the co-creative vegetable garden are equally applicable to any kind of garden whether it is growing in soil or otherwise…. ”  

Co-Creative Science pages 21 and 22

I hope to use these goal setting methods in more than just my permaculture projects.

Maybe I need to change the tagline of this blog to something other than “Permaculture concepts beyond the garden”