Permaculture for the People

Photo: Angela Angel, Permaculture for the People

While looking for photos for this blog which had  black, brown or yellow people in them, I stumbled across this PDC,   Permaculture for People  presented by the Movement Generation

The permaculture principles that they use are:

  • Start by Listening: Observe my environment and people before beginning anything
  • Make the Most of it: The way I do anything is the way I’ll do everything
  • What’s the Problem? How can I turn problems into solutions
  • Use What I Have: Play to my strengths
  • Return It: What ever I get – give something back
  • Maximize it: One element can have many functions
  • Diversify: The most efficient systems are the most diverse ones
  • Plan It: Planning for the long-term maximizes results
  • Brains not Brawn: Work smarter not harder (with nature not against it).

This is a group I want to keep on my radar screen. I particularly like Movement Generation’s curriculum tools which link to lesson plans for several workshops they have presented.  All of them seem consistent with Permaculture Principles and are great teaching resources  particularly for those working with youth and coming from a social justice standpoint.

Have you seen any other versions of the principles of permaculture geared toward an urban context?